I am an International Student. Can I work Full Time During Christmas Holidays?

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Work Permit Canada

This is a question we often get asked by students over consultations. Yes, if you are an international student studying a post-secondary program, you may work full time if the winter break has been classified as a “scheduled break” by your institution (which is often true for most programs and institutions) You have been enrolled in full-time studies in your terms … Read More

Who Is Eligible for A Post-GraduateWork Permit, And How to Obtain One?

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Post-Graduate Work Permit

International students who come to study in Canada may be eligible for a Post-graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which is a Work Permit that allows students to work full time, in almost any job in Canada. This is a great opportunity for such students to attain valuable Canadian Work Experience and further their careers. Students do not need a job offer … Read More

What Is the Difference Between an In-Canada and an Outside-Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application?

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In- Canada and an Outside Canada Spousal Sponsorship Application

Yes, you read it right. Sponsoring your spouse/ Partner can be done in two different ways in Canada. Spouse or Common-Law Partnership Sponsorship Applications are of two types. Depending on your situation, either of those application types may be the better-suited option for you. Both the options have pros and cons, and we hope that this article helps you make … Read More