4 Things We Wish Every International Student Knew Before Starting Their Study In Canada

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We meet hundreds of students every year whom we so wish we had met earlier in time. It is astonishing for us to learn that many international students are not aware of their Study Permit conditions and potential Postgraduate study permit eligibility. For this reason, something which the student may not even realize or did intentionally results in them not … Read More

I am an International Student. Can I work Full Time During Christmas Holidays?

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Work Permit Canada

This is a question we often get asked by students over consultations. Yes, if you are an international student studying a post-secondary program, you may work full time if the winter break has been classified as a “scheduled break” by your institution (which is often true for most programs and institutions) You have been enrolled in full-time studies in your terms … Read More

Is Canada’s Border Open To International Students?

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Canada is known as one of the best countries internationally for a multitude of reasons. We have beautiful mountains and landscapes, a culture of acceptance and diversity as well as vast possibilities and options for people of any nationality or gender. In particular, two of the most popular and visited cities are Vancouver, B.C, and Toronto, Ontario. Each has its … Read More