What Is the Difference Between a Canadian Visa and A Permit?

Difference Between Canada Visa and Work Permit

Temporary residents often get confused between the terms Visa and Permit. While in many other countries the words “visa” and “permit” are used interchangeably, in Canada, these are two very different things. Many new international students, work permit holders, and visitors have this question and this blog post is intended to explain the difference between the two in simple terminology. … Read More

What Happens to My Canadian Work Permit If I Lose My Job?

Canadian Work Permit

Every year, a large number of temporary foreign workers come to Canada as holders of work visas and enter the Canadian Labour Market. Work Permits may be of two broad types Open Work Permits– which allow the worker to work for almost any employment, or Employer-Specific Work Permits, which allow the worker to work for the specific employer, at the … Read More