How to Hire a Foreign Worker in Canada- Answering some FAQs for Canadian Employers

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Are you a Canadian Employer struggling to hire or retain staff?   Employers across multiple industries reach out to us with huge gaps in finding the right people for their business. This problem exists and is increasingly becoming a major hurdle to client service delivery and eventually business growth for businesses in a number of industries including technical services, healthcare, accounting, … Read More

Five Most Common Types Of Work Permits That Don’t Need An LMIA

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Work Permit Vancouver

A foreign worker will need a Work Permit in order to be able to work in Canada unless they fall under an LMIA exempt category. Hiring a Foreign Worker with an LMIA is done under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The International Mobility Program (IMP) on the other hand, allows Employers to be able to hire foreign workers without … Read More

What Is The Difference Between A Job Offer And LMIA?

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Job Offer & LMIA

A Job offer letter is a document that a Canadian employer gives you when they want to hire you. This document includes information like remuneration, hours of work, your duties and responsibilities, benefits, and other conditions of employment. An LMIA, on the other hand, is an approval from ESDC that the Employer needs, to be able to hire a Foreign … Read More

What is an LMIA? What does it mean for me as a worker/student in Canada?

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What Is LMIA?

LMIA or Labour Market impact Assessment, simply put, is an approval by the Canadian government, for an employer to be able to hire foreign workers for specific jobs, and support their application for a Work Permit or PR.   An LMIA Application is an Employer’s Application to ESDC- basically confirming and providing evidence that they could not find Canadian PRs … Read More

Who Is Eligible for A Post-GraduateWork Permit, And How to Obtain One?

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Post-Graduate Work Permit

International students who come to study in Canada may be eligible for a Post-graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which is a Work Permit that allows students to work full time, in almost any job in Canada. This is a great opportunity for such students to attain valuable Canadian Work Experience and further their careers. Students do not need a job offer … Read More

What Is the Difference Between a Canadian Visa and A Permit?

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Difference Between Canada Visa and Work Permit

Temporary residents often get confused between the terms Visa and Permit. While in many other countries the words “visa” and “permit” are used interchangeably, in Canada, these are two very different things. Many new international students, work permit holders, and visitors have this question and this blog post is intended to explain the difference between the two in simple terminology. … Read More

What Happens to My Canadian Work Permit If I Lose My Job?

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Canadian Work Permit

Every year, a large number of temporary foreign workers come to Canada as holders of work visas and enter the Canadian Labour Market. Work Permits may be of two broad types Open Work Permits– which allow the worker to work for almost any employment, or Employer-Specific Work Permits, which allow the worker to work for the specific employer, at the … Read More