What is an LMIA? What does it mean for me as a worker/student in Canada?

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What Is LMIA?

LMIA or Labour Market impact Assessment, simply put, is an approval by the Canadian government, for an employer to be able to hire foreign workers for specific jobs, and support their application for a Work Permit or PR.   An LMIA Application is an Employer’s Application to ESDC- basically confirming and providing evidence that they could not find Canadian PRs … Read More

Who Is Eligible for A Post-GraduateWork Permit, And How to Obtain One?

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Post-Graduate Work Permit

International students who come to study in Canada may be eligible for a Post-graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which is a Work Permit that allows students to work full time, in almost any job in Canada. This is a great opportunity for such students to attain valuable Canadian Work Experience and further their careers. Students do not need a job offer … Read More