Innovative pathway was announced to permanent residence for over 90,000 essential workers and international graduates!

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  IRCC has announced new immigration pathways to Canada!   According to the Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, these new policies will help those with a temporary status to plan their future in Canada. The country really has an interest in these people to stay: “Our message to them is simple: Your status may be temporary, but your contributions are lasting … Read More

5 Reasons why Spousal/Common-Law PR Sponsorships applications get refused

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The process to apply for Spousal/Common-Law PR Sponsorship is complex, and unfortunately, we are seeing more and more applicants that were self-represented or had inadequate representation, getting rejected/refused by IRCC due to multiple reasons.   In this post, we are sharing Top 5 reasons why Spousal/Common-Law PR Sponsorship applications get refused or rejected:   1. Not preparing the application properly … Read More

Express Entry New Draw: Questions and Next Steps

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One month ago, on February 13th the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invited 27,332 candidates to apply for Permanent Residence in Canada.   The Comprehensive Ranking System cut-off was 75 at that time. This was an unprecedented draw and the lowest ever score!   Why did this happen? According to IRCC the immigrants help the Canadian economy to thrive, … Read More

Is Canada planning to increase immigration in 2021?

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With a population of over 37 million people, Canada has its gears working hard to increase our population in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although Canada is the second-largest country in the world with regards to landmass, similarly to parts of Russia, there are parts of our north that cannot support large human populations, which significantly lowers the countries capacity … Read More

Is Canada’s Border Open To International Students?

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Canada is known as one of the best countries internationally for a multitude of reasons. We have beautiful mountains and landscapes, a culture of acceptance and diversity as well as vast possibilities and options for people of any nationality or gender. In particular, two of the most popular and visited cities are Vancouver, B.C, and Toronto, Ontario. Each has its … Read More