What Is The Difference Between A Job Offer And LMIA?

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Job Offer & LMIA

A Job offer letter is a document that a Canadian employer gives you when they want to hire you. This document includes information like remuneration, hours of work, your duties and responsibilities, benefits, and other conditions of employment.

An LMIA, on the other hand, is an approval from ESDC that the Employer needs, to be able to hire a Foreign worker and support the worker for their Work Permit Application.

Generally Speaking, in order to be able to work for the employer, a worker would need an LMIA and a job offer letter, to apply for a Work Permit.

LMIA Exempt Workers, on the other hand, may apply for and be granted a work permit with a job offer only, without the need of an LMIA.

The third category is Open Work Permit (also a type of LMIA exempt work permit), wherein an applicant may apply for and be granted Work Permits without the need of a Job Offer or an LMIA.

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