Can I Change My Program Of Study/Institution In Canada?

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Designated Learning Institution

Yes. IRCC allows International students in Canada to be able to change their program of study, field of study or DLI/ College/ University.


Students may seek to change their DLI (Designated Learning Institution) for various reasons for example change in career plan, not being satisfied with their program of study, looking for a program of study which is PGWP eligible etc.


Such students, may be able to do so, however, they must continue to be in compliance with their study permit conditions at all times and must inform IRCC in a timely manner of the change.


Some important points to note are:

  • If changing Institutions, make sure to choose a Designated Learning Institution. A list of DLIs can be found on the website.
  • Your new program of study must start within 150 days after you cease to study at the previous institution.
  • Be mindful of whether the program you are going to choose is PGWP eligible or not, if PGWP or Post-graduate Work Permit is something that you are looking forward to after completion of your studies. Programs completed at most Private institutions are not-eligible for a PGWP. A list of PGWP eligible institutions can also be found on the website.


Did you know?

If you have completed a program of study in Canada, and have an LOA to start another program of study, the start date of which is within 150 days of completing the previous study, you may be able to work full time in the meanwhile.


For more clarity on changing DLIs, Work Authorization, Studying in a different province, Assistance with looking for Program Options across Canada in PGWP eligible Public or Private Institutions, for Jan 2022/ May 2022 or September 2022 intakes, Contact Us Now.